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April 2016

Found 8 blog entries for April 2016.

The Wyse Report

Median Home Prices Soared With Steady Sales And Low Inventory Levels
For Immediate Release: April 20, 2016 


(Daytona Beach, FL) –March home sales kept a steady pace as demand soared and inventory remained low, causing median sales prices to soar around the greater Daytona Beach area. The sales numbers emphasized the market’s recent swing into sellers’ favor indicated the 2016 Spring home sales season has kicked off with a strong start. 

According to the Daytona Beach Multiple Listing Service (MLS), for the month ending on March 31, 2016, 458 existing single-family homes (detached) were sold in the Daytona Beach area with a median home sales price of $175,000. The figures represent a nearly 13 percent increase in median sales

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Real estate investment trends are a moving target, much like the real estate market as a whole. Savvy investors know they must be nimble in the when, how and what of their investments. And right now, savvy investors are making a shift that's impacting another subset of buyers in the market.

For much of the past couple years, real estate investors were scooping up the distressed foreclosures that flooded the real estate market following the housing market crash and the longest, worst recession in our nation's history. But now that most of the backed up pipeline of foreclosures has been cleared and there are far fewer distressed homes to choose from, real estate experts say the investors' purchasing behaviors and trends are changing. 

Last August as

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The summer sales season has already hit, and Spring has barely sprung! Since the first of the year, the Daytona Beach area real estate market has been struggling with low inventory levels and a strong sellers market, causing median sales prices to soar as the number of home sales themselves struggle to keep up with high buyer demand. 

Since 2016 started, buyers in the greater Daytona Beach area have had nearly 1,000 less homes to choose from as they conduct their home searches (compared to the first quarter of 2015). That's a HUGE shortfall. And it's affecting both buyers and sellers in the area. 

Sellers are making more money when selling their homes, and many are selling SUPER FAST. But that doesn't mean you should hold off on listing your home

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The Wyse Report

For Immediate Release: April 11, 2016

(Daytona Beach, FL) – An analysis by The Wyse Home Team at Keller-Williams Realty in Port Orange, FL, showed sales and prices of condos and condotels in the Daytona Beach area remained largely flat in March, compared to condo sales during the same month in 2015. According to the Daytona Beach Multiple Listing Service (MLS), there were 119 condo sales in March, which amounts to a very slight increase from condo sales closed in March 2015. Median sales prices, meanwhile, fell ever so slightly to 154,000. 

“Inventory levels right now are continuing to cause unusual market conditions. Buyers had about 200 fewer condos to choose from as they looked to buy last month,” said Ron Wysocarski, CEO of

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Within the next five years, Baby Boomers are projected to have the largest household growth of any other generation during that same time period, according to the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard. There are a few reasons for this.  

In a recent Merrill Lynch study, “Home in Retirement: More Freedom, New Choices” they surveyed nearly 6,000 adults ages 21 and older about housing. One of the things they found is that the Boomers, maybe more than any other generation before them, can't wait to cross the "Freedom Threshold." In other words, they're tired of life's responsibilities dictating where they live! You know... being in the best school district for the kids, being close to work, or whatever is holding them in a home.

When you get

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Home values are often a topic of interest among home owners and renters alike. If you own a home, you want to keep an eye on how your investment and what probably is your biggest asset is faring. If you rent, then you know that rents have continued to soar year after year for decades now, and experts say their no end i sight to the upward trend. 

So we thought we'd give you quick look at where home prices have been, how home prices are moving right now and where we think home prices will be going. 

We consulted CoreLogic's recently released Home Price Index, where they revealed home appreciation in three categories: percentage appreciation over the last year, over the last month, and projected appreciation over the next twelve months. Take a

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Our homes are more than just the stage where our lives unfold. They're key to our economic future, our children's futures and even our community atmosphere. So, if you're hearing hype spewed by boisterous television personalities telling you now's not a good time to buy a home, take their dramatic shenanigans with a grain of salt. 

No matter the decade, no matter the economic outlook, home ownership is a crucial key in parents' to' ability to send their children to college with less debt.  (Yes. Even if those parents don't pay the tuition bill each semester, because there are other ways you'll be helping. And having a home as an asset or enjoying the benefit a low, fixed housing cost will help you to help your kids in ways a rental home never could.)

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Buyers in almost every stage of life and family development have long been drawn to the city of Port Orange when looking for a place to buy and home and lay roots in the greater Daytona Beach area. 

There's good reason for that. In fact, there are MANY good reasons for that.

For starters, Port Orange is considered one of the safest cities to live in Florida and the safest city in Volusia County. 

Every year, does a study to determine the safest cities in Florida. And year after year, Port Orange lands in the top 10 cities on that list. It's usually in the top 3 among Florida's large cities when the list is divided by population. It's always at the very top of the list for Volusia County. (The next closest contender is

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