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May 2016

Found 12 blog entries for May 2016.

The windows are open and the breeze is blowing. It’s a beautiful Spring day in Florida. But the scorching hot days of summer are not far away, as are the wretched high power bills caused by the ever-running A/C.

If you’d rather stop shelling out big chunks of your hard earned cash to the fat cats at the power company, Springtime it’s the exact right time to start thinking about alternative energy sources. Addressing the issue before the high heat has rolled in could save you more cash!

It’s Florida. The Sunshine State. So a great place to start your renewable energy search is considering how to leverage the burning ball of energy above you that causes the summertime power bill blues in the first place!

To help our clients find the answers they’re

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Whether you personally paid to have the pool installed or just bought a home with one, you paid a premium price to have that sparkling aqua oasis in your back yard. And generally, people want the MOST for their money when they pay big bucks for something. 

Unfortunately, many homeowners’ excitement about their backyard pool begins to wane as they realize it’s really too cold to use much of the year. According to Bill Gallagher, President of Solar-Fit, that’s because the screened pool enclosures keeping the bugs away are also keeping the water temps down – by as much as 10 percent. 

Basically, swimmers who like the water a comfortable 80 degrees, get on average only a little over 3 months per year of usability from their pool. (Interesting fact:

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We love selling homes. We particularly love helping buyers and sellers find a home that's a perfect fit, a place where their next great adventure can begin and mountains of future memories can be made. And while most people set out on their home buying and selling adventures excited about the future and what it holds, there are definitely times when moving is bittersweet.   Though you won't likely mourn the loss of beams and tresses and that worn old roof, as you go, you just might find that saying goodbye to a place plum full of amazing memories can be downright difficult. You may even straight out mourn the loss of a place that holds some of your most precious memories.  

As  Kelli Kehler puts it in an article she wrote for Design Sponge last

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It's Spring and the weather has been absolutely beautiful around the greater Daytona Beach area. Mowers are humming. Garden centers are bumping. And you're ready to get your hands dirty for the sake of making your home garden a dreamy summer oasis overflowing with colorful flowers and fruits.

But, as you head out to the garden center to pick up those supplies and seeds or seedlings, do you know what you'll buy? Have you researched enough plants to know which beautiful blooms are actually poison to pets and children?

"Your garden may be a relaxing retreat, but it's not a place to let your guard down, especially when it comes to small children and the family pet," said This Old House Magazine. "Some popular plants you prize for their ornamental beauty

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National Home Sales Figures(Daytona Beach, FL) –April home sales sunk a bit around the greater Daytona Beach area, compared to a year ago, as inventory remained low. And though median prices rose year-over-year, the price gains weren’t as great for single family homes as they were for condos condos in April. 

According to the Daytona Beach Multiple Listing Service (MLS), for the month ending on April 30, 2016, 422 existing single-family homes (detached) were sold in the Daytona Beach area with a median home sales price of $179,950. The figures represent only a 3 percent increase in median sales price, year over year, and a 6 percent decline in total sales.  The figures also represent a decline in sales and a slight increase in median sales prices from March. Year-to-date

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There are countless benefits of buying a home or condo in New Smyrna Beach, the popular beach town located just south of Daytona Beach and The World’s Most Famous Beach.  Crime is low. Property values hover high. The beaches are absolutely beautiful with powder soft sand, loads of wonderful wildlife, and some of the region's best white capped waves for surfers. There's a vibrant downtown and a rich arts and culture scene with lots of entertainment venues, art walks and museums. 

To top it off, the city puts on one helluva party all summer long for locals across the entire area!

This year, Beach Weeks in New Smyrna Beach promises loads of fun, festivals, music, art, food and more!

The summer travel season across the US typically kicks off in May,

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There's still 3 days left and plenty of time for you to get out and experience another great musical event the area has to offer!

There are so many reasons we all love to live, work and play in the greater Daytona Beach area, and all the great Spring and Summer festivals are one of them!

The annual New Smyrna Beach Blues Festival has already kicked off and is fully underway. Running May 12 to May 15, this four-day music filled festival features tons of great bands at many different venues in a world-famous surfing city known for its rich arts, music and culture scene. 

It's all part of the city's annual "Beach Weeks" festivities. And some say THIS event is THE PLACE to "get your groove on" and kick off your summer.

Admission to the festival is

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It's no secret how difficult it can be to sift through the long lists of amenities that Florida condo complexes offer when considering a unit to buy.

Buyers must determine what's most important to them because complexes can offer a wide array of amenities and services such as pools, tennis courts, golf courses, day spas, fitness centers, storage areas, wine lockers, restaurants, security, management and countless other possible things. 

Then, buyers must decide what they're willing to pay each month for those services and amenities.

And with hundreds of condo complexes lining the Atlantic ocean's coast in the Daytona Beach area alone, condo complexes here and everywhere in our beachy state are forced to stay on their toes and compete among

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As many Baby Boomers now face empty nests and prepare for retirement, some are considering dreams they haven't thought about in some time. More travel. Less obligation. More money. Less responsibility. Whatever it is they're dreaming of, the time has come to investigate the possibilities.

We hear a lot about boomers wanting to downsize. In fact, you may be one of them since you clicked in to this article. But the reality is that for all the Baby Boomers' threats of moving into tiny homes and oceanfront condos, there just aren't that many of them following through on the threats. They're all talk and no action. 

In fact, it might surprise you to learn that so far, the average size of homes being purchased by buyers over 50 is just over 1,800

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With Florida home prices expected to appreciate by over 9% this year, some are beginning to worry about a new housing bubble forming. Warren Buffet addressed this issue last week in an article by Fortune Magazine.

“I don’t see a nationwide bubble in real estate right now at all,” Buffet said.

Later, when questioned whether real estate and/or mortgaging could present the same challenges for the economy as they did in 2008, Buffet said he doubted there would be a repeat occurrence of those crisis. 

What should we think of the soaring prices then?

It is easily explained by the theory of supply and demand. There is a lack of housing inventory for sale while demand for that inventory is very strong. Seriously, there are nearly 1,000 fewer homes for

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