6 Reasons Some Homes Don't Sell

6 Reasons Some Homes Don't Sell

6 Reasons Some Homes Don't SellEvery real estate market is different with unique conditions and trends, based on a number of factors. Interest rates. Geographic qualities and features. Buyers and sellers maneuvering the current market conditions. These are just a few of the components that can affect a local market. Because of this, every home or condo owner will find their situation unique to a certain extent, with different things they may need to do before and during the process of selling their home in order for the process to be quick and successful. Sellers also have their own unique situations to contend with in the process.

Whatever your situation and whatever the current market conditions, Wyse Home Team Realty is here to put your mind at ease, keep you informed every step of the way, and make your home sale process simple while we help you reach your real estate goals!

In the meantime, let's look at a few key reasons why many homes do not sell on the first attempt and sellers can find themselves with an expired listing and no sale contract.

Market conditions, current inventory, buyer tastes and expectations, photos, staging even the availability of the right buyers maneuvering the market with desires that match your home’s qualities all can make a difference. But there are a few reasons a home typically doesn’t sell that trump all.

  1. Pricing.

      Experts, researchers, and realtors around the country all agree that the top reason homes don’t sell is poor pricing. Properly pricing a home in line with current market conditions is a meticulous art – one that not all realtors have perfected. It takes years of experience and a deep knowledge of local market conditions, neighborhoods and home values to accurately peg a property’s actual value on the first try. There area also numerous adjustments needed to adapt the sale to a seller’s financial goals and timelines, and any special features or weaknesses of the property itself. At the end of the day, it's the market that dictates how much a home can be sold for - no matter what YOU think it's worth. Your home - like any other commodity - is only worth what people are willing to pay for it today. Click here to get an INSTANT computerized value for your home or condo. If you discover that your recent home was recently listed for a price within the computerized range and it didn't sell, then it's time for a meeting with one of our agents! Just fill out the form below to get that process started.
  2. Marketing and Advertising.

    No single marketing trick sells a home. And most definitely, a sign in the yard and a listing on the MLS are not enough. It takes a marketing might on a combination of advertising platforms to sell a home quickly and at the highest price. Click here to learn more about our PROVEN marketing techniques. 
  3. The Wrong Listing Agent.

     It's critical to hire an agent who is competent, experienced and honest. Someone who comes highly recommended by previous customers, your friends and family, or trusted industry experts. Equally important, you need a real estate agent who specializes in pricing techniques, has a powerful and effective marketing strategy and a proven track record of results. Our track record is peerless. In fact, we're so confident we can sell your home that we offer a Guaranteed Sale Program that promises we will sell your home as agreed, or we will BUY IT!
  4. Timing.

     There's a unique ebb and flow to market timing for every region, city and neighborhood. From school schedules to tourism trends to weather, a number of factors can play a role in determining “ideal” timing for your home listing. In the Central Florida areas, there are peak sales seasons for most property types, including condo sales, investment homes, family homes, waterfront properties and golf course communities.  Sign up for our Market Trends Updates to get up-to-date market information and trends.
  5. Condition & Location.

     Some home seekers are willing to take on a "project." Many others are not. The condition, appearance and aesthetic appeal of the interior and exterior of a home play an enormous role in a home’s pricing and how fast it will sell. From a drippy faucet to a leaky roof to weeds in the flower beds or the color of paint on the walls, every detail - big or small - plays a huge role in the outcome of a home sale.  Click here to see our list of tips that will help your home show well to prospective buyers.  Location, meanwhile is often a cornerstone piece of a home buyer's search. A home's location in what a buyer considers to be the right - or wrong - area matters enormously. School districts, road traffic, proximity to shopping and restaurants, availability of public transportation and so many other factors play into buyers' decisions. It isn't about being in a "good" or "bad" location, though. It's about attracting the "right" buyer for YOUR home's location! Don't worry, we'll be glad to discuss how we plan to find that perfect buyer for you during our free in-home listing appointment!
  6. Personality.

    Building materials, design, floor plan, appliances, décor and a dozen other things make up a home’s personality and can affect how fast it sells. Homes with an unusual layouts or older features can face a tough road to a quick sale. Likewise, having too much of “you” in the home cause problems. Modifications needed to bring a home up to a buyer's standards create a big question mark for their budgets. It's hard to know how much it might cost to remove a wall or update a kitchen until the deal is closed and hard estimates for work is obtained. Buyers also need to be able to picture themselves in your home. That can be hard to do if the seller has too many personal touches on display - whether that's family photos, knick knacks, or bold design choices in furniture or room colors. And speaking of room colors, non-neutral or wild paint colors can have significant effects on how fast a home sells. Even though paint is a simple and inexpensive change for buyers after the deal has closed, bold colors can hinder their ability to imagine a home's potential. Neutral colors encourage the imagination. Click here to read some of our blog posts about staging, colors and other great tips for a quick sale. 

While these are 6 reasons some homes don’t sell on the first try, all of them can be overcome with the right real estate team leading the way! Fill out the form below and we will get back to you to discuss your specific situation and get to work to sell your home fast at top dollar! You can also call us any time at 386-562-2651.

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