A Beach Home For Everyone - Episode 1

Florida is FULL of beautiful beaches, each with their own unique personality.

There are beaches hard packed sand and cars traversing the shoreline. Some of Florida's shores are lined with crushed coquina shells and brilliant orange hue. Others have powdery soft sands that swallow your feet with every step. There are places that offer a bounty of wild waves to surf, and others where the water gently laps at your feet.

The beach LIFE also looks different for every family and personality! Some beach dreams are made of vast ocean views, while others would rather trade the view for great beach access and a fabulous place to play. Beach homes can be suprisingly budget friendly or decadent and lavish.

No matter what your beach dream looks like or the size of your budget, we have the PERFECT beach home for you.

And that's really the point. Because we think that EVERYONE deserves a beach home and an open ticket to living the BEACH LIFE!

In this series, Ron takes you INSIDE Florida's unique beach homes and condos to give you a glimpse of what's out there, what's possible, and all the many ways people make their beach dreams a reality. Life is short. Buy the Beach house.

Introducing 118 Florida Shores.

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