Boot Camp to Closing in 30 Days, Andrew's Story

Andrew considered coming on board with Wyse Home Team Realty for a long time. He thought, is this the right fit, is it the right time, do I really want to have this type of career. He weighed out the incentives, like setting your own schedule, which would allow more time with his family. Then there are all the other benefits like, working from home, deciding your income, meeting new people. Plus, the fact that he would NOT have to find leads on his own or spend thousands on marketing. After contemplating this big decision, he had one conversation that would change his future. Andrew spoke with Ron Wysocarski and found the encouragement and support he was looking for. He felt the authentic understanding Ron has for his team, so he jumped right in. Andrew hit the ground running. He took every opportunity offered, he watched all the training videos, attended every team meeting, and even had Ron on speed dial. But most importantly, Andrew remembered his boot camp training and took advantage of the enormous technology support-based systems in place. He also found the team is much like a family and day or night they are always there to help and cheer each other on. Ron awarded him the virtual “trophy” for being the quickest new team member to finish boot camp and close a deal in just 30 days.

Wyse Home Team Realty knows empowering people creates and nurtures a winning team. If you’re interested in joining a winning team sign up on our website or give us a call now. Get your seat at the table. REQUEST YOUR SEAT AND SIGN UP NOW

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