Game On! It's Football Season

We’re headed into the NFL Play-Offs.  It’s crunch time and we all have a favorite team that we are rooting for, biting nails for, and screaming at our TVs for.  We are anxious to learn what 2 teams will make it to the Super Bowl.  But when the time clock ends and a winner emerges, it’s still all about the team.

That is why the SQUAD at Wyse Home Team Realty decided to put together a fun video showing OUR team spirit.

Like every football team, Wyse home team has an incredible Head Coach: Shout out to Ron Wysocarski! Then there are the special team coaches like Heather, our Chief Operating Officer, and Abby our Operation’s Director. Each has a role in making sure our team plays the best game ever!

Like on any NFL team, every person on the team has a position to play. From our administrative, inside sales, and buyer and seller’s agents, the play does not go down without everyone on board.  The coaches at Wyse Home Team have trained the team to give it their all, 100% all day every day, in order to get the victory. There will be first downs, like getting and responding to a lead, potential buyers, and sellers. Second, third, and fourth downs:  Getting the client pre-approved, finding the perfect home or property for the client, getting an acceptable offer, submitting a binding contract, and helping the client every yard of the way through exceptional service to the goal post. Touchdown! Closing Day!!!! 

We exceed expectations and deliver a seamless experience; we strive for a five-star review giving us that extra point. Score!

Wyse Home Team will get you through the Red Zone.

Enjoy the play-offs:  May your team win!

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