The Best Time Of Year To Sell Your Home In Florida

If you're looking to sell your home in Florida, you're probably wondering when the best time of year is to put it on the market. Especially if you came to Florida from a cold weather state, where seasonal shifts have notable impact on real estate transactions.

Well, the good news is that Florida's beautiful weather helps keep the real estate market active year-round. But some seasons do still tend to be better than others!

Understanding which time of year to list your home can help you maximize profits and minimize stress. In this post, we'll dive into what some home sellers contend are the best times of year to sell your home in Florida.

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Fall Can Be a Good Time in Florida

Late Summer/Early fall as the kids are heading back to school can be an excellent time to sell your home in Florida. The weather's still fantastic. There is still a steady stream of tourists and out-of-state buyers. Particularly so in the Daytona Beach area, where huge fall events like Biketoberfest draw in crowds by the hundreds of thousands for days on end. This is also a time when many seasonal snow bird residents are starting to think about their winter getaways and some will be getting a head start on finding their winter home or rental.  And if your goal is to get moved before the holiday season sets in, this is a good time to list. But Fall is generally not considered the "best' season to sell a home in Florida. Mostly because of the challenges that hurricane season can sometimes bring to the mix! For many of our home sellers, Fall is the perfect time to interview and select a listing agent, clean and declutter your home, and review the market research and pricing recommendations your agent has provided. It's the time to get prepared to list your home by early winter. 

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Winter is Peak Selling Season

Depending on the type of home you are selling, Florida's prime season for selling homes is often believed to be during the winter months, specifically from December to February. Mild temperatures and the influx of snowbirds make this an ideal time to list your property. Additionally, buyers during this season often have pressing motivators to move and therefore may be eager to close a sale before the start of the year. A buyer on a deadline is more likely to pay the closer to a seller's asking price. There also tends to be fewer homes on the market (aka: less competition) in the winter season. Especially since families with school age children will often delay listing their home until springtime. For a winter home seller it all adds up to a greater opportunity for your home to stand out in a crowd.  

There is one big thing to keep in mind when it comes to listing your home during the winter.  Listing around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's can be a double edged sword. Think of all the usual hustle and bustle, personal obligations, and extra entertaining that holidays bring. Now imagine having to open your home for prospective buyers to view it, on short notice, during the busy holiday season. It can be inconvenient. Even still, many Florida home sellers say the outcome was well worth  the inconvenience. 

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Spring and Early Summer are Busy

March, April, and May are also ideal months to list properties in Florida. Spring break and the Easter holiday attract tourists and vacationers to the state. It makes it a great time for purchasing a vacation home and attracts buyers who are interested in investing in Florida real estate. Homes, condos, and condotels are all in high demand during these months. 

Beyond Spring, home sales during the first half of the summer usually keep pace with a high level of activity in the market. As the area's public school children enjoy their summer breaks, we see an influx of families planning a move during the months between school years, as well as an increase in vacation home sales to vacationing visitors, and investors of all kinds.

However, summer in Florida can be a bit of a challenge for home sellers. With temperatures frequently over 90 degrees and humidity levels increasing, many potential out of state homebuyers may avoid coming to Florida during the summer. And though it can feel expensive, it's important as a home seller, to have your air conditioning running and have your property in top condition to impress those who do come during the summer. Never be tempted to turn off utilities in a vacant listing.  (There are horror stories of seller regrets related to turning off or cancelling important accounts prematurely!) 

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Bottom Line

Selling your Florida home during the right season for YOU is what's most important. Timing your home sale to your life, your goals, and your timeline is always in your best interest. Understanding the motivating factors among buyers during your selling season can definitelya ssist you in maximizing your profits as a home seller. While each season has its pros and cons, marketing your home to the active buyers in the market at the time your list, or  timing your sale to coincide with peak season can help you sell your property quickly, and for a great price. But it's key to make sure to work with an experienced real estate agent who knows the local market and can help you navigate the selling process. With the right timing and support, you can get top dollar for your Florida home. no matter what time of year you choose to sell it. With the right support behind you, any time of year is a good time to sell your home in the Sunshine State! 

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