What Our Brokerage Offers Consumers

There has been a surplus of real estate companies all over the state for the past decade. You will never run out of choices no matter which city you are in. The Daytona area is no exemption. Real estate companies are flooding the market and actively promoting their services.

The big question is, what can our brokerage offer consumers? What makes us different from other brokerage firms in the area? Well here are a few reasons why our company stands out among the rest.

Selecting the Right People

We highly value our clients and we want to give them the attention, care, and excellent service that they deserve. We don’t just hire people who are intelligent or efficient. We hire people that would care about our clients as much as we do.

Core Values

Integrity is one of the key recipes to the success of our brokerage. Along with that are commitment and customer focus. Here at Wyse, all of us are team players and fundamentally sound people. Every day, our company exerts an incredible amount of effort in instilling these values in the whole team.


As we treat our clients like family, we can easily put ourselves in their shoes. We know exactly what they want and what they need. This is the reason why we can serve them excellently.

Attention to Details

Wanting nothing less than the best for our clients, every detail of our service or the property we help them buy or sell is crucial to us. All details, no matter big or small, matter to us severely.

Our Training

To make sure that we achieve and maintain the right attitude, mindset, and skills to give our clients the best, each member undergoes an extensive 7-day boot camp. We aim to constantly sharpen each other’s minds and skills, to know and learn the areas we serve by heart, and develop goodwill and a sound business relationship with our clients. We also have massive support from acclaimed coaches, mentors, and other experts in the area. Our learning never stops as well as our dedication to our clients. Highly-skilled, efficient, and people-centered agents are one of the things that our brokerage offers consumers.

Why Wyse Home Team Realty?

Sure enough, we can tell you more reasons why we are different and how we can give you the most excellent services in real estate, but we believe that it is more important to know what our clients think about us. We are among the highest real estate companies ranking number 1 on various websites such as Google and other social media platforms in our area. We express our gratitude to our clients who consistently give us 5-star ratings as they are solid evidence of our efficient service. 

Transactions in real estate can be very daunting and complicated, especially in this current time of economic crisis. Here in Wyse Home Team Realty, we are dedicated to assisting our clients in all steps of buying and selling homes. We are prepared and well-trained in making real estate as easy as a day at the beach for them.

You Can Reach Our Brokerage Easily For Your Real Estate Needs.

If you need help selling or buying a house, we are here for you. We also welcome anyone who is searching for a career in real estate. Call us at (386) 871-7697 or leave us a message, and we will be very happy to assist you.  

Phone(386) 871-7697

Email[email protected]

Address Wyse Home Team LPT Realty
365 Bill France Blvd
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

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